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Explore the Possibilities of a Career Change

Many professionals and executives are victims of downsizing. Companies are moving out of the country, factories are constantly working on automation to cut personnel costs, and some companies are merging. If one or two companies in an industry downsize, it is not as difficult to find another top-level position in that same industry. If the industry itself is dwindling, new jobs will be scarce.

Time for a Career Change

People in high-level positions can often switch industries with ease due to the nature of key leadership duties. An accounting manager, for example, can crunch numbers for a large construction company or a wastewater plant. Money is the same so those skills transfer well. Managers, supervisors, department heads, and executives have similar duties regardless of where they happen to work.

Paper, Packaging, and Print

There are many Flexible Packaging jobs and careers that may suit the experiences, needs, and preferences of executives and professionals. The variety of management positions is an ideal example. Health and safety, procurement, human resources, sales, customer service, quality control, and account managers are all needed in the packaging industry. Reliability, maintenance, electrical, chemical, and mechanical engineers are also needed, along with plant superintendents and executives.

The best way to explore this particular industry is to set up an appointment with an experienced Packaging Recruiter. The recruiter can inform professionals of qualifications needed, what to expect in terms of challenges, and how feasible a switch is to the industry. Get an idea of job duties, current salaries, and the business cultures at different companies. Register with the recruiter to keep all options open.

Companies with Vacancies

Hiring a recruiting company with decades of experience will result in filling the vacancy faster and, in most cases, saving money. Recruiters have access to databases that include candidates who have been screened and interviewed. If any are suitable for the vacant position, the process takes less time and money.

If a new search is required, that experience will still save time and money in the process of filling the vacancy. A proven approach is developed by experienced and top-ranking recruiting agencies to find the right combination of talent and leadership in new candidates.

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